With September rolling in, family life got pretty busy.  Thought I would put out a release with a few more updates.

  • Connect switch or host nodes to physical interface (like the example
  • Add host cpu opts
    • cpu: desired overall system CPU fraction
      • scheduler: host, cfs or rt
    • cores: (real) core(s) this host can run on
  • Udpate load and save with above additions
  • Change load/save file format to Python dictionary

Download Miniedit here.

If requested, I can make a script that will convert the pre- save file format to the new style.  Just leave a comment.  But hopefully the networks you have created are small enough to just recreate manually.


4 Responses to Miniedit

  1. sama says:

    very interesting work, it really is helping a lot in learning mininet,… can you please point on how to connect the to external remote openflow controller :) thanks in advance.

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