Well, I finally got around to doing the one feature I have had on my list since I starting making updates to MiniEdit.  You now can have multiple controllers in MiniEdit.  Now you can do OpenFlow islands, with different islands controlled by different types of controllers or if you have the supported controller, have a redundant controller for a switch.


Now, this also means that how you handle controllers takes a little more work than before. You will have to remember now to make the link between the controller and the switch.  A switch that does not have a line to a controller will not be under control of any controller.

So features in this release.

  • Multiple controllers
  • You can now set the default route for a host
  • Many bug fixes

Download MiniEdit here.


6 Responses to MiniEdit

  1. samasrujan says:

    awesome work gregory a gui for mininet is the one we are looking for , awesome work it really removes a lot of hardwork for network engineers can you please point us what ivss is for though we removed the import ivss things work but it would be great if you can explain, i am interested in making a video and posting it online regarding the MINIEDIT hope it helps a few people is it ok for you ?

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