Starting OVS Controller with SSL inside Mininet

To continue with my previous post about using SSL, I thought I would pass along another alternative way to start the test OVS Controller. In the other post, we start the ovs-controller manually and set the Mininet script to use a RemoteController. But if you want to start the ovs-controller from your script, we just replace the RemoteController with OVSController and also pass in the parameters to start the controller listening on SSL. Below is the same script as my last post but with the changes I just mentioned.

from import Mininet
from mininet.node import Controller, RemoteController, OVSController
from mininet.cli import CLI
from mininet.log import setLogLevel, info

def emptyNet():
    net = Mininet( controller=OVSController)
    net.addController( 'c0', cargs='-v pssl:%d -p /etc/openvswitch/ctl-privkey.pem \
     -c /etc/openvswitch/ctl-cert.pem \
     -C /var/lib/openvswitch/pki/switchca/cacert.pem' )
    h1 = net.addHost( 'h1' )
    h2 = net.addHost( 'h2' )
    s1 = net.addSwitch( 's1' )
    net.addLink( h1, s1 )
    net.addLink( h2, s1 )

    s1.cmd('ovs-vsctl set-controller s1 ssl:')

    CLI( net )

if __name__ == '__main__':
    setLogLevel( 'info' )

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3 Responses to Starting OVS Controller with SSL inside Mininet

  1. Nishat says:

    I tried your script…there is 100% packet drop…any idea why?

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