It’s been a little while since I published an update.  Here are a few enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Export Script fixes
    • Link class was not getting set properly for TCLink
    • Now also exports the sFlow and NetFlow configuration you setup in MiniEdit
  • Fix loading saved MiniEdit topologies JSON parsing problem.  Now parses properly back into Python
  • Improve importTopo to support TCLink. Note that MiniEdit does not support all the TCLink parameters at this time.
    sudo ./ –custom –topo mytopo –link tc
  • Hosts and OF Switches now have text field for user defined shell command/script to run during node startup and shutdown.
    • Start and Stop commands are on the Host and OF switch properties.
    • The Start command is run after all nodes have started(net.start()).
    • The Stop command is the first thing run before the nodes are stopped (net.stop())

Download MiniEdit here.

This will probably be the last release I make using the Mininet 2.1.0 code base.  My next release will be realigned to use the latest code from Mininet to pick up new features introduced after 2.1.0.

Hope everyone enjoys and is having a good summer so far.

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3 Responses to MiniEdit

  1. Alan Way says:

    How do I connect an OVS to the controller? Do I have to draw a direct connection for each switch? If I have a delta connection (3 switches) and one is connected to the controller, Open Daylight views it as only one switch and two hosts. Are there any examples of how to build a topology with this tool? Thanks

    • gregorygee says:

      Yes, each line you draw from the switch to a controller gets configured in the switch as the controller connection. I’m not sure what you mean by a delta connection. That I know of OpenDaylight is only going to show nodes as switches if they have an OpenFlow connection to it. Other nodes that the switches report as a neighbour will be shown as hosts. This particular question might best be answered in the OpenDaylight mailing lists.

  2. Jeremiah says:

    How can I connect two controllers using the netlink icon in miniedit? I notice that I can connect the controllers to the switches but I cannot connect the two controllers.

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