Upgrading Open vSwitch for Mininet in Fedora

Well, I took Bob’s challenge from the Mininet mailing list to try and figure out how to upgrade Open vSwtich in Fedora.  It was interesting since I hadn’t used Fedora in quite a while.  So I downloaded Fedora 19 ISO x86_64 and created a VM.  So my test was to install the same OVS version I did on the Ubuntu steps.  One thing I found out, was that when I ran the Mininet installer, Open vSwtich 1.11.0 got installed, which is the latest.  Now this might be different if you have a different version of Fedora.  But to do my test, I’ll replace it anyway with 1.10.0.  So here are the steps to upgrade (or downgrade) your Open vSwtich on Fedora.

BTW, I won’t list the steps for creating the VM.  This assumes you have the VM and you ran the Mininet installer following the instructions for Fedora in the Mininet INSTALL file.

Become root:
sudo -s

Remove old Open vSwtich:
yum -y erase openvswitch openvswitch-controller

Download the new Open vSwtich source tarball:
yum -y install wget
cd /root
mkdir /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
wget http://openvswitch.org/releases/openvswitch-1.10.0.tar.gz
cp openvswitch-1.10.0.tar.gz /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
tar zxvf openvswitch-1.10.0.tar.gz
cd openvswitch-1.10.0

Install all the dependencies that will be needed:
yum -y install rpm-build openssl-devel

Build the Debian packages:
rpmbuild -bb rhel/openvswitch-fedora.spec

Install the packages:
rpm -ivh /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/openvswitch*.rpm

Then do some post install steps to keep the Open vSwitch Controller from starting automatically on boot:
systemctl restart openvswitch

There you go.

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