Update: There was a small bug in the Open function when loading OF versions.  It has been fixed and I have replaced the old with the fixed version.


Time for another increment to MiniEdit.  Complete change list is:

  • Hosts
    • Set Hostname
    • Set Static IP Address.  Overrides Mininet auto IP allocation.
  • Switches
    • Set Hostname
    • Set DPID
    • Set DPCTL listen port. addSwitch(listenPort=6634)
  • Preferences
    • Support for choosing OpenFlow 1.1 if you have Open vSwitch 2.0+
    • Set global level DPCTL incremental port. Mininet(listenPort=6634)
  • Other
    • Popup menu items on host, switch, and link are context with whether Mininet is running

Download MiniEdit here.


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