Another week, another MiniEdit drop.  One main thing is that you should be able to run this against MiniNet 2.0 now without modifying the code.  I’ve had some emails related to this.  The full feature list is below.

  • Supports running against MiniNet 2.0 systems.
  • Enable sFlow reporting.
  • Enable NetFlow reporting.
  • Bug fix in canvas scrollbar not increasing when dragging node off canvas

For sFlow and NetFlow reporting, you setup your profiles in the application preferences and then just enable sFlow and/or NetFlow on each individual switch that you want to use it for.

flow collector

If you want to try it out, I’ve been testing with these free/limited versions of collectors.

If there are an features you’d like to see, please leave some feedback.  In a way, I’m running out of ideas for good features.  I’m sure there are some out there.

Download MiniEdit here.


4 Responses to MiniEdit

  1. Norman says:

    Can’t wait to try this out. Just what I’ve been after – I’m trying to get some decent bandwidth utilisation and packets dropped graphs.
    Many thanks Greg. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thu Thu says:

    I run mininet and define sFlow but I think It doesn’t connect sFlow.

    sudo ./
    MiniEdit running against Mininet 2.2.1
    Open vSwitch version is 2.0.2
    New Prefs = {‘ipBase’: ‘’, ‘sflow’: {‘sflowPolling’: ’30’, ‘sflowSampling’: ’20’, ‘sflowHeader’: ‘128’, ‘sflowTarget’: ‘’}, ‘terminalType’: ‘xterm’, ‘startCLI’: ‘1’, ‘switchType’: ‘ovs’, ‘netflow’: {‘nflowAddId’: ‘1’, ‘nflowTarget’: ”, ‘nflowTimeout’: ‘600’}, ‘dpctl’: ”, ‘openFlowVersions’: {‘ovsOf11’: ‘0’, ‘ovsOf10’: ‘0’, ‘ovsOf13’: ‘1’, ‘ovsOf12’: ‘0’}}
    Build network based on our topology.
    Getting Hosts and Switches.

    Getting controller selection:remote
    Getting Links.
    *** Configuring hosts
    h1 h2
    **** Starting 1 controllers
    **** Starting 4 switches
    s3 s2 s1 s4
    No NetFlow targets specified.
    No switches with sflow

    NOTE: PLEASE REMEMBER TO EXIT THE CLI BEFORE YOU PRESS THE STOP BUTTON. Not exiting will prevent MiniEdit from quitting and will prevent you from starting the network again during this sessoin.

    *** Starting CLI:

    It reply no switches with sflow. How can I do? How can I add sflow agent in mininet topology??

    Best Regards,

    • Gregory Gee says:

      Hard to say with these details. Usually when I had problems, it was because of a firewall in the way. Is sflow running on same VM as miniedit? Can you do a ping from the mininet VM to the VM running sflow?

  3. David Ng'wala says:

    I have created network with loops and multiple path, and I have started floodlight controller but hosts are unreachable, how can I do so that the floodlight controller to control my network??

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