This is a quick small release.  It contains a bug fix and a feature that I originally dropped from the last release.

  • Bug fix in the Export not exporting controller information correctly.
  • You can import one of the MiniNet named topologies on startup.
    • sudo ./ --topo linear,3
  • You can import a custom topology on startup.
    • sudo ./ --custom mininet/custom/ --topo mytopo

Be warned that the import of the topology is pretty crude and will be limiting.  I don’t have any fancy auto layout features to nicely place icons on the screen.  Currently, I just create rows of icons.  You will need to lay them out yourself.  If someone knows of some python code that can do this autolayout, I’d be glad to hear from you.

Download MiniEdit here.


11 Responses to MiniEdit

  1. vinay says:

    how to install the miniedit… after downloading

  2. mfzhsnMo says:

    I tried to sudo, It says no command found, Please help.

  3. wirate says:

    Thanks. I was in desperate need of such a tool. When I try to run any topology, it throws
    exception: cgroups not mounted on /sys/fs/cgroup

    • gregorygee says:

      MiniEdit is a GUI for MiniNet ( Does Mininet work on your system? You also need to run MiniEdit as root (or sudo). What OS are you running it on. MiniNet was mainly written on Ubuntu.

      • wirate says:

        Thanks for your reply. Mininet does work on my system. I had to manually mount cgroups at /sys/fs/cgroup and then install package cgroup-bin. I am running a stripped down Ubuntu server.

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